U.S. – European Consultations on the Middle East

The U.S./Middle East Project has convened an annual U.S.-European consultation on the Middle East, bringing together representatives of the U.S. Department of State and other governmental departments and agencies dealing with the Middle East with their European counterparts to discuss U.S. and European policy in the region.

These consultations, designed to improve understanding and coordination between U.S. and European policymakers, have taken place in Paris, London, Berlin, Rome and Washington D.C., in each case hosted and co-sponsored by the respective foreign ministries.

General Brent Scowcroft, Eric Melby and Henry Siegman

General Brent Scowcroft, Eric Melby and Henry Siegman

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Will Greater Israel Transform into Greater Palestine?

The future for Israelis and Palestinians has never been bleaker than it is now, in the wake of the savage assault by two Palestinians on Jewish worshippers in a Jerusalem synagogue.

The trauma of the event falls most heavily on Israelis, for Palestinians in the West Bank have lived for some time now in despair of their future and the future of their children, seeing no end to Israel’s occupation. In contrast, many Israelis have believed that denying millions of Palestinians in the West Bank their right to self-determination and statehood is a “sustainable” state of affairs. This illusion has been shattered by the assault on the Jerusalem synagogue. Israelis are now experiencing some of the insecurity and hopelessness so deeply felt by Palestinians in the Occupied Territories, and also by Israel’s Arabs, particularly the ones in East Jerusalem.

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