Mustafa Hamarneh

Mustafa Hamarneh

Dr. Mustafa Hamarneh is currently the President of the Economic and Social Council of Jordan. He previously served as a member of the Jordanian Parliament (2013-2016), as the director for the Center for Strategic Studies in Amman (2000-2007), and is a founding member of both the Arab Reform Initiative as well as of EuroMeSCo. Dr. Hamarneh has written extensively on the many issues and challenges facing the Middle East region.


Professional experience

- 2017- present - President of  the Economic and Social Council, Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

- 2013-2016 - Member of the Jordanian Parliament

- 2010-2012 - Senior Researcher, Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies, Doha, Qatar

- 2008 – 2010 - Chairman/Director General of Al Mada Company of Press & Journalism (Al-Sijill Magazine)-2010

- 2000-2007 - Director, Center for Strategic Studies (CSS), University of Jordan, Amman, Jordan.

- 1999-2000 - Researcher at the CSS

- 1992-1999 - Director of the CSS

- 1991-1992 - Director of the Jordan Midea Group at the Royal Hashemite Court

- 1987-1991 - Assistant Professor at the Department of History at the University of Jordan

- 1985-1987 - Adjunct Professor at Georgetown University

* Mustafa Hamarneh is also a founding member of EuroMeSCo as well as the Arab Reform Initiative.



- Ph. D., Department of History, Georgetown University, Washington D.C., 1985 (graduated with distinction)

- M.A., Department of History, Georgetown University, Washington D.C., 1981

- Licenciatura, Department of Economics, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, 1978


Selected publications

- "Jordan Responds to the Gulf Crisis" in Phyllis Bennis and Michel Moushabeck (Editors), Beyond the Storm: A Gulf Crisis Reader, New York: Olive Branch Press, 1991.

- "Jordan's Political Developments and Foreign Policy: A Brief Historical Overview", in: Parallel Study of the Political Economic Model of Jordan and Korea, Institute of the Middle East, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Seoul, 1992.

- "Mandatory Economic Policies in Jordan 1921-1946", in Mustafa B. Hamarneh (Editor), Jordan Economy: Problems & Prospects, Center for Strategic Studies, University of Jordan, 1995.

- "Amman in English Travel Accounts of the 19th century", published in Dirasat, The Deanship of Academic Research, University of Jordan, volume 22 A, number 4, August 1995.

- Mustafa B. Hamarneh, Civil Society and Democracy: The Case of Jordan, Ibn Khaldoun Center for Development Studies, Cairo, Egypt, 1995. (In Arabic Language).

- Hamarneh et al, Jordanian Palestinian Relations:  Where To?  Four Scenarios for the Future, The Royal Institute for International Affairs, London, 1997 (Also two versions in Arabic language where published by the Center for Strategic Studies in Amman, and the Center of Palestine Research and Studies in Nablus).

- “Democratization the Mashreq: The Role of External Factors” in the Barcelona Process: Building a Euro- Mideterranean Regional Community, Frank Cass Publishers, London, 2000.

- "Ma’an:  An Open Ended Crisis" (principal author), Center for Strategic Studies, University of Jordan, 2003.

- "The Transformation from Nomadism into Settlement in Balqa, Karak and Ajloun Districts, 1851-1950", in Studies in the Social History of Jordan, Amman: Center for Alurdun Al-Jadid, 2003.

- "Muncipality: Weakness of Strategy and Domination of Transition", (prinicpal author), Center for Strategic Studies, 2004.

- "Revisiting the Arab Street" (principal author), Center for Strategic Studies, 2005.

- "Egypt 2011: From Movement to Revolution", Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies

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