Breaking the Israel-Palestine Status Quo New report | April 19th 2021

After decades of on-and-off negotiations and failed peace initiatives, it is time for a shift in U.S. policy toward Israeli-Palestinian peacemaking. Jettisoning former president Donald Trump’s Peace to Prosperity plan is a vital step, but it will not be enough to move beyond the status quo. Instead of reviving a moribund peace process or simply abandoning U.S. engagement, President Joe Biden’s administration should place a rights-based approach at the center of its strategy.

A Partnership to Strengthen Research and Advocacy on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict December 15th 2020

The U.S./Middle East Project (USMEP) and the International Crisis Group are pleased to announce a joint initiative designed to promote their common objective: providing analysis and policy options to help policymakers and civil society activists in their efforts to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.  The partnership will bring together the two organisations’ complementary strengths, including a strong field presence, credibility and widespread contacts with policymakers, extensive advocacy and media reach.  “By combining work and coordinating o...

Three Pillars for a New U.S. Approach to Peace in Israel-Palestine Joint USMEP-ICG initiative | December 15th 2020

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is unlikely to be a priority for the new U.S. administration, but the conflict’s trajectory and its implications for U.S. interests should nonetheless concern U.S. policymakers. The new administration should learn the lessons of the past: it should be both ambitious in terms of seeking to change the terms of debate and modest with regard to the possibility of ending the conflict anytime soon.

Passing of Brent Scowcroft, USMEP Chair 2001-2011 - A personal reflection from Ambassador Thomas R. PickeringThomas R. Pickering | September 17th 2020

Brent Scowcroft’s death on August 6 marks the almost end of an era. I worked with him, had the honor of knowing him as a friend, and for the last few years, we lived in apartments in the same elders’ refuge in Virginia. Jerrold L. Schecter has written a fine obituary for the Washington Post which you should read and can find here. My recollections are more personal and selective and relate to the region in which we share a special interest. Brent was Henry Kissinger’s deputy and I ran the Secretary of State’s alerting and support syst...

Daniel Levy briefing statement to UN Security CouncilDaniel Levy | July 21st 2020

I would like to thank the Council and the German Presidency for giving me this opportunity to brief you today. As of today, there has been no further Israeli annexation on the West Bank. That does not translate into this being a moment for self-congratulation; keep the champagne on ice. Refraining from de jure annexation must of course carry no reward; avoidance of criminality is normative not prize-worthy. De jure annexation would exacerbate and accelerate existing negative trends, but whether it happens or not, it is a symptom of a deeper crisis – the permanent denial of freedom,...
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