Implications of Israel's new governing coalitionDaniel Levy - Briefing memo | January 19th 2023

In reacting to this new Israeli governing coalition, there is a challenge of not ignoring / underplaying its radicalism and in-your-face extremism but also not to pretend things were going swimmingly prior to this new coalition taking office (they were not). This note will focus only on those aspects which impact the Palestinian and regional (+geo-political) questions (there are obviously other implications). Even at this early stage some initial impressions can be sketched out.

What’s at Stake at Jerusalem’s Holy Esplanade?Daniel Levy - Joint USMEP-ICG Q&A | January 17th 2023

Just days after a new Israeli government was sworn in, one of its most extreme members paid a provocative thirteen-minute visit to Jerusalem’s Temple Mount/al-Aqsa Mosque complex. In this Q&A we look at what is behind this move and what it implies.

Daniel Levy briefing statement to UN Security CouncilDaniel Levy | August 25th 2022

I would like to thank the Council and the Chinese presidency in particular for allowing me to share some thoughts with you today. The events of earlier this month covered in detail by Special Envoy Wennesland are as concerning as they are predictable. To be very clear, Israelis deserve security; Palestinians deserve security.  Mr President, month in and month out the Council meets to repeat its familiar condemnations, formulas and slogans. I want to use this opportunity to rethink and re-appraise some assumptions and beliefs that may inadvertently contribute to the intractability in Is...

Israel’s Winning Coalition: Culmination of a Long Rightward ShiftDaniel Levy - Joint USMEP-ICG Q&A | November 8th 2022

Elections in Israel have brought a far-right coalition to power. In this Q&A, Crisis Group expert Mairav Zonszein and USMEP’s Daniel Levy analyse the results and their likely implications for Israeli policy and foreign relations.
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