Fouad M.T. Alghanim

Fouad M.T. Alghanim

Chairman, Fouad Alghanim & Sons Group of Companies, a multi-operational, multi-billion Dollars, body of companies consisting of a number of fully independent divisions as well as fully and partly owned subsidiary companies based in the U.S, Europe, Africa and the Middle East and Australia. The Group engages in a number of diverse commercial enterprises, which include manufacturing, civil construction contracting, project management, EPC contractors in Power Sector, Aviation Project and Industrial production. Telecommunications apart from general trading & contracting. 

Mr. Fouad Alghanim was the first to introduce mobile phones in Kuwait in the early seventies, and was the founder member of the largest Cellular Company in the Middle East in 1983 MTC (Mobile Telecommunications Company) now called ZAIN where he served as its Vice Chairman from 1983 to 1997. He was also the co-founder and major partner & Chairman of the Cellular Company – UMNIA Telecommunication Company in Jordan. 

As the owner of Alghanim International, Mr. Fouad Alghanim managed to steer this civil contracting company to be one of the largest Power Construction Co. in the Gulf with a total erected Megawatt capacity of more than 40% of Kuwait Power and, with a multi-billion $ turnover yearly and earned the distinction as the only EPC Contractor in the Power Generation Sector in Kuwait.  

Fouad Alghanim & Sons Group consists of more than 40 Companies of which we will list below some of them: 

  • Alghanim International General Trading & Contracting Co. - Civil and Electro-Mechanical Engineering Contractors classified in the First Category Contracting Companies in Kuwait. ( 
  • Fouad Alghanim & Sons General Trading & Contracting Co. – National & International Investments including Banking and Industry & Manufacturers Representation. ( 
  • Fouad M.T. Alghanim Est. – Consultancy Services and Manufacturers Representatives. 
  • Gulf Technology Electronics & Systems Co. – Defense Projects, Security Systems, System Integration, Logistics, Installation Services and Manufacturers Representatives. 
  • Gulf Communication & Electronics Company – Communications, Systems Engineering & Design, Security Systems and other intelligence devices. 
  • Riham General Trading & Contracting Co. – Provides logistic support services, sponsoring services, installation and erection services, general trading & contracting, Scaffolding Systems, Pumps for various applications, etc. 
  • Alghanim Group of Shipping & Transport Company – Ship owners, provides professional and comprehensive services in all aspects of shipping, container handling, LCL and airfreight, warehousing, brokering, customs clearance, hauling and packing and represents various international shipping lines and manages its own bulk carrier fleet of ships. ( 
  • Kuwait Network Electronics Technology Co.– Turnkey solution provider for expansion and maintenance of all types of major telecom projects and have executed and under execution major projects under Telecommunication networks and systems, Copper and Fiber Optic networks, digital equipment supply, installation, repair and maintenance services, design, supply and installation of WANs, LANs and fiber optics back-bone networks and fiber optic links, and all maintenance works associated with Communication networks and has operation in the Gulf States an Levant countries. (www. 
  • Al Redab Real Estate Company – Owners and Developers of properties in Kuwait and abroad, provides full scope of services from feasibility studies, financial cost appraisals, tender evaluation, project management and risk management services. 
  • Kuwait International Aircraft Leasing Company – Charter operations of Business Jets and Aircraft Management services, Helicopter services for the Offshore Oil works. 
  • United Aluminium and Metal Coating & Manufacturing Company – Design, manufacture, supply and installation of aluminium and glass for all classes of building projects, including skylights, windows and doors, exterior cladding of composite aluminium panels, space frames etc. 
  • Fouad Alghanim & Sons Automotive Company – distributors for Audi, Skoda and Lamborghini Cars. ( 
  • Kuwait Finance Investment Company (KIFIC) – Fouad Alghanim is one of the major shareholder in this Company 
  • Gainjet Aviation – majority owned Company by Fouad Alghanim & Sons. It provides chartering of Private jets, charter flights, etc. It owns several planes ranging from Gulfstream to Boeing and Falcons. ( 
  • Jet Alliance AG, Austria – Major shareholder. 
  • Advanced Energy Company. 

Mr. Alghanim also holds the following positions: 

  • Chairman, Advanced Technology Company, Kuwait - One of the largest health-care equipment supplier and service providers enjoying over 50% of the market share in Kuwait. (Fouad Alghanim & Sons Group is the major shareholder in this Company). ( 
  • Member of the Board, Kuwait German Holding (Investment) Company. 

Other Positions Held: 

  • Member, Council of Foreign Relations, U.S.A. , 
  • Member, U.S Middle East Project, U.S.A 
  • Member, International Conference Board, U.S.A. 
  • Member, Society for the care of Arab Children 
  • Member, Advisory Board, Medis Technologies Ltd., U.S.A. 
  • Member, World Economic Forum 
  • Member, International Council of the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, U.S.A. 
  • Founder Member, Global Anti-Corruption Education & Training (ACET) initiative, ACSE Foundation, 1801-Alexander Bell Drive, 3rd Floor, Reston, VA 20191, U.S.A. 
  • Corporate Member, the International Institute for Strategic Studies, United Kingdom. 
  • President of Kuwait Russia Business Council. 
  • Member of the Board, Crown Center for Middle East Studies. 


  • 1966 – Iowa State University, Iowa 
  • B. Sc. in Science and Humanities